Logistics and transportation industry is driven by technologies. To offer the best supply chain and customer service our customer deserve, BSD has invested in the latest technologies to insure you are provided to up to the minute shipment tracking giving you full visibility on your shipments when needed. We offer 24/7 updates, spot quotes, shipment booking and customs updates. Our in-house IT system offers EDI capability’s, so we can easily send/capture shipment information and synchronize with your supply chain providing you with instant updates and visibility. Let our logistic and transportation management system coordinate and monitor your shipments every step of way. Allowing our customers focus on their everyday business operations.

Automation . Proprietary Software . New Technology

Our keys to success


BSD Logistics is fully EDI compliant


Now allows clients to track their shipments live on their mobile device


Never lose site of your shipments


Everything you need to receive quotes, book, and track your containers.